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The dreams you have wished on the starry night sky to come true~
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 Star World Laws

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Hoshimi Yume

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PostSubject: Star World Laws    Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:51 pm

In every world, there are rules and laws one must follow in order to retain peace and order in that world, for without them there would be chaos.Even the secret worlds above the skies have rules and laws, and thus these are the Hoshizora Yume worlds' rules.

  1. Respect and Courtosy- When in Hoshizora Yume, you must be respectful and polite towards other members of this world. No cursing excessively, rude comments, negative comments, and not being polite towards someone due to their heritage,looks,gender or race.

  • No sexual content,language,links etc. This is not a place for that.

Fighting Rules

  1. No landing hits on others in your posts, use words such as "aims" or "about to" or "sends a (kick,punch,blast) in his/her direction" instead of saying you landed a direct hit. This gives others a chance to dodge or counter your attack, making it fair as well.

  • No killing other characters whilst fighting. When a character runs out of Star Power they cannot fight anymore and thus will instantly have to forfeit ending the duel or spar.
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Star World Laws
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