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 Abilities and Star Power

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Hoshimi Yume

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PostSubject: Abilities and Star Power   Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:01 am

The Hoshizora Yume abilities can be anything, and is a wide variety of special abilities one can obtain. One can be born with this special ability, train to learn one, or study to learn as well. These special abilities can be useful to improve everyday life, or help in special situations. Some may have a ability unique to fighting and may be a teacher or assistant in the training area, and others just may have special magical ability that can make miracles happen. However, remember that these magic also have flaws and weaknesses-costs and problems, and may even have mishaps that could make a situation become out of hand or worse. But that may be revealed at a later time. Now is the time to expand your characters horizon from not just their emotion and physical capabilities but their magical ones as well.

Each character may have only one ability. One special magic that makes them unique. While some may choose to not have a magical ability they an learn one at a later time. A character may only have one ability, but as they use their magic more and are taught how to use it effectively then they can learn an upgraded version or a magic similar to theirs. Now i will explain the magic types and system as well as what Star power is.

Everyone has the ability to learn and use magic, however you cannot just use magic without a price. Whenever you use your magic you use up a counter called Star Power. Star Power is basically the amount of magic you have and it also limits the times you can use it at one time. Each individual has 100 Star Power at first and each time they use their magic they use up 5 Star Power points. When the number of points reach 0 you cannot use magic anymore. You can choose to go to the Hoshi Hospital and have your character rest there for a topic that lasts a few days to replenish your star power, or you can go on without using any magic. However after a month or two items may be available to speed up that process.

The rest will be posted in another sticky labeled Ability Types. Be sure to read it before completing the below forum.

Note: Once your character has an ability, you cannot change it, or learn a new one, unless it's a Normal type ability.


Ability Name: ( The name of your ability)
Ability Type: ( Which of the types are they?)
Usage:( What is your ability used for and what can it be used for. Be sure to write a detailed explanation of it.)
Cost: ( What does it cost to use this ability, or what has it cost you in the past.)
Weakness: ( What is your ability weak to, it must be a little less or equal to the advantages of what it is used for)
Concerns: ( What concerns does your character have about his/her ability. Do they  think it's weak, too strong? )
Problems: ( What problems your ability may cause. There must be at least 3)

Please remember to erase the words in parenthesis when you complete it, and follow those guidelines as well.
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Abilities and Star Power
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