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 Ability Types

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Hoshimi Yume

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PostSubject: Ability Types   Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:25 am

Though there are an infinite amount of magic in the world that each individual can posses, there still must be order in the world. Therefore when one masters their magic they will belong to a ability group, and can help out and take jobs and assignments based on that group. The specific magic a person has is called a Star Ability.Here are the groups based on their magic.

Normal Group

The Normal ability group are for the abilities that are used without even thinking and are easy to use. These abilities include being good at writing, drawing,painting,stacking things, managing, cooking, and many other simple things that people in the world do that are hard. However these people can do them with ease with their magic. Because this is a normal ability that everyone can have ,a character with an ability from another group can have a normal ability as well, however a character with a normal type ability cannot have another magic from a different magic ability group.
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Ability Types
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