Starry Night Dreams

The dreams you have wished on the starry night sky to come true~
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 The Creation of the World Beyond the Starry Sky

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Hoshimi Yume

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PostSubject: The Creation of the World Beyond the Starry Sky   Fri Aug 15, 2014 6:19 pm

Have you every wondered what's above those fluffy and spread out clouds, and those bright shining stars and planets. While there are satellites and other technology to prove that there are many fascinating things out there seen and unseen, one place remains hidden behind and in a large cluster of bright stars, where time is warped and space is a magical purple color. This is where the hidden world of Hoshizora Yume resides, unknown to those on Earth, other planets and most parts of the universe. This is where an advanced race of people live, very similar to humans but different..This is where the humans which harbor a ancient power called star power within them are sent to live, and where you will be born. Discover the secrets,wonders, and magic of the world of Starlight, and the place where people wish their dreams to when they wish upon a star, Enter...Hoshizora Yume~
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The Creation of the World Beyond the Starry Sky
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